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GPS Survey Stakeout

Spring 2015 has arrived after a long and cold winter. At Boucher & James, Inc. we have been sharpening our skills through training, updating equipment and putting plans in place to ensure we have staffing to meet the increased needs of our clients when winter is finally over and 2015 construction projects get underway.

 Here are some early spring activities that you may want to consider so you can be ready to enjoy your planned improvements when summer season arrives.

 * Boucher & James, Inc. can complete fence line surveys, pool construction/layout surveys, shed placement surveys, building construction and building additions construction surveys, septic system locating and new system survey design and stakeout.

Vole damage/tree girdling

Vole damage/tree girdling

* Our staff arborist suggests that early spring is a good time to look for winter damage to trees. Branch dieback and broken limbs are more visible before leaf growth emerges, and now is a good time to prune dead and broken branches. It is also a good time to inspect trees and shrubs for damage caused by standing water, deicing salts or snow plows and you should also schedule treatments or removal/replacement of your damaged landscape materials.

 Boucher & James, Inc. is anticipating a very busy 2015 construction season lasting straight through the end of the year absent some early winter weather in November/December.  If you have projects that require services we provide, give us a call so we can schedule your work now to meet your needs and desired schedule.