Tank Car Project, Springfield Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Friday, 17 March 2017 / Published in Uncategorized

Boucher & James, Inc. recently prepared and presented a sketch plan to the Board of Commissioners for a softball field and large open space area (for recreational use) in Springfield Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The plan details include a walking path, landscape buffer along the perimeter of the property, parking lot and a building for a restroom and equipment storage.

The property where this future project will be reconstructed has a lot of background history and is currently an abandoned industrial site. The previous owner was the Tank Car Corporation of America. This site was utilized over the years as a service center for railroad tank cars. The tank cars were often emptied of their contents and cleaned onsite. In fact, some of the tank cars were buried on the property. This site was the subject of a clean-up by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA activities concluded by burying an area of contaminated soils under a cap of clean soil. A sediment trap constructed during the cleanup project remains at the northern edge of the property, adjacent to the railroad tracks.

Springfield Township is currently bringing fill/soil from other projects throughout the Municipality which will be used for construction of the fields. The EPA requirements specify that all construction within the capped area must be built up and no excavation is permitted into the cap. Boucher & James, Inc. has served as Springfield Township’s Engineer since 1962 and looks forward to this new project.

Tank Car Corporation of America
Oreland, PA
September 1990