Springfield Township New Municipal Campus – Montgomery County, PA

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 / Published in Uncategorized

Springfield Township Administration Building


Our client, Springfield Township is settling nicely into their new campus which includes a Police/Administration Building, Public Works Facility and Library. The new buildings were built on the same site as the former campus.

The “eco-friendly demolition” allowed for recycling almost 93 percent of the old administration building. Bricks and stone were ground and used for fill, the steel joists in the roof were reused and recycled.

The administration building and library are infused with a lot of natural light and the whole campus was built to silver LEED standards. Eco-friendly features include a green roof at the library for stormwater management and water quality improvement, thermal blanket heating and cooling, LED lighting throughout, six underground detention basins with water recharge design and three rain gardens to improve stormwater quality and recharge the groundwater.

Boucher & James, Inc. has served as Township Engineer since 1962 and was proud to assist the Township in various aspects of the project.

Springfield Township Library

Springfield Township Library’s Eco-friendly Green Roof